Cold chain management
at every step of the way

COMBI-THERM produces multi-layer thermal protection for a wide variety of logistical challenges. 

Builders, manufacturers, shippers and retailers depend on our thermal solutions to protect perishables and save energy. Pharmacies trust our insulated packaging to deliver sensitive vaccines to patients. Consumers around the world use
our dependable thermal shopping bags everyday to bring their frozen goods from the supermarket to their homes.

Ask COMBI-THERM whenever you need to control temperature. Our multi-layer technology has been setting standards
since 1979 and has been tested by leading universities and technological institutes from Denmark to Australia.



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Temperature matters!

COMBI-THERM A/S specializes in the design and production of thermal protection for a wide variety of temperature-sensitive goods and processes.

Founded in Denmark in 1979, COMBI-THERM was the world's first producer of rugged, cost-effective three-ply thermal protection, the technological innovation that continues to be our focus and the source of our commercial success.

Our innovative solutions are used everyday around the world by professionals in the retailing, transportation, construction, chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Millions of consumers worldwide also depend on COMBI-THERM to bring their frozen and chilled goods safely home from the supermarket in our best-in-class thermal shopping bags.



We incorporate both passive and active thermal protection in our standard and customer-specific solutions help to help our customers meet their goals:

• Cool chain protection to ensure product safety and quality
• Reduced energy costs
• Increased logistical flexibility
• Lower CO2 emissions

As industries develop to keep pace with new challenges and opportunities, COMBI-THERM continues to innovate and grow. More and more internet retailers depend on our solutions to deliver frozen and fresh foods. Bio/medico companies are discovering new ways to use our insulated delivery products to keep medicine and test materials safe. And logistics providers continue to improve their bottom lines with our cost-efficient thermal protection.

Where does temperature matter for your business? Contact COMBI-THERM to learn how we can help save energy, reduce emissions and waste and optimize production processes.


Market-leading insulation. Outstanding durability. Proven success for retailers and medico companies around the world.

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More and more online retailers are turning to COMBI-THERM for food-safe, leak-resistant insulated shipping bags.

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Outstanding insulation at every step of the cold chain – for all you need to protect. Suitable from very low minus degrees up to 220°C. Standard & custom sizes.

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Market-leading insulation. Outstanding durability. Proven success for retailers and medico companies around the world.

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